Past Sales

$32,000 LANCEFIELD D ROBINSON to Radels & Hick's $26,000 LANCEFIELD D LAMONT(S) to MOGUL BRAHMANS $66,000 LANCEFIELD D LAURETTE to RG & LD JEFFERIS $33,000 LANCEFIELD D FERDINAND to RUAN GRAZING $26,000 LANCEFIELD D WARNER (S) to MOGUL BRAHMAN $60,000 LANCEFIELD D WEBKE to ER SLACK-SMITH $50,000 LANCEFIELD D REIFFEL to WL & HE DONALD $26,000 LANCEFIELD D FORESIGHT (S) to KC MALONEY $15,000 LANCEFIELD D NAVADA (P) to BW & GJ KIRKWOOD $26,000 LANCEFIELD D EXCALABUR to THE KINNON FAMILY   $17,000 LANCEFIELD D ZACHARI (S) to JI & LC NOLLER $17,000 LANCEFIELD D DON DEAGO(P) to A BESCH $14,000 LANCEFIELD D RENAULT to DANARLA Brahmans $20,000 LANCEFIELD D PLATINUM to RIVERSIDE $22,000 LANCEFIELD D PINNACLE to WELCOME DOWNS $23,000 LANCEFIELD D ELONZO to TROPICAL CATTLE $ 16,000LANCEFIELD D WINSLOW 5353/D (P) to M & G SHANN $14,000 LANCEFIELD D ELRIDGE(P) to KC MALONEY $18,000 LANCEFIELD D EXPEDITION to RIVERSIDE $16,000 PALMAL DRUMMOND 5796 to Arazona Brahmans $32,000 PALMAL EMMERSON to 2AM Brahmans $18,000 PALMAL EXCALIBAR 5903 to Viva Brahmans $16,500 PALMAL EDMINSTONE 5955 to J&L Creedon $15,000 PALMAL WINDSOR 6110 (P) to Gipsy Plains $50,000 Palmal Dimension sold to Glengary Stud $32,000 Palmal Discovery sold to Willagi Stud Palmal 1067 sold to Matt Kenny for $16,000 Palmal 1068 sold to Paul and Denies Studd for $20,000 Palmal 6526 $18,000 Thanks to B&G Kirkwood Palmal 7722 sold to Rodger Nobbs for $36,000 Palmal 7729 sold to Eric Slacksmith for $22,000 PALMAL DJANGO 6972 sold to Elrose for $46,000 Palmal Jamacia sold to Welcome downs for $30,000 Palmal 6944 sold to Burnett Enterprises for $22,000 $24,000 Palmal Walter sold to Riverside Pastrol Co